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Question: What is IPTV? [Show Answer]
Question: What are some IPTV applications? [Show Answer]
Question: I am an AV Integrator, is IPTV for me? [Show Answer]
Question: IPTV is for the "IT" integrators right? [Show Answer]
Question: Does Adtec have any 1080i encoders? [Show Answer]
Question: How can you determine the IP address of an encoder or decoder if it's not known? [Show Answer]
Question: I tried connecting to an Edje4000 with a serial cable and mediaControl and still can't reset the IP address. Can I reset it? [Show Answer]
Question: Do Adtec products have an internal battery for running clock? [Show Answer]
Question: Via RS232 can you get lamp fault, filter change, flat panel on off confirmation? [Show Answer]
Question: Adtec encoders transmits video on IP channel, can I use my computer to view this stream? [Show Answer]
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